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About us

Who are we

We are those, who created Alteco Group in 2011 by reorganizing several enterprises and united the best professionals of various spheres under the idea of complex implementation of the advanced technologies. We are profile specialists in such spheres as engineering, economics and law – and we want to create the best solutions in renewable energy for you.


What we do

We unite our knowledge and efforts for solution of the most demanded issues in the sphere of energy and ecology. We open you the way from energy saving to increasing of energy efficiency, to the generation of alternative types of energy. Our solutions raise your financial and energetic independence. We convert your ideas into money.


Why we do this

Energy sources are the gold of 21st century. No business or country will be competitive without proper energy treatment. We do everything in order to see successful and prosperous people, country and planet. We do this because we like it. We create intelligent future for you already today.


What we want

We want to see you competitive and confident in tomorrow. We want to breathe clean and fresh air, and our children have a right for bright future.