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Early in the morning of February 24, 2022, something happened in our country that no one expected and did not believe in until the last moment – the Russian Federation carried out an unjustified and daring attack on our country. This came as a shock to the entire Ukrainian people and our state as a whole. None of us, Ukrainians, has ever wanted, does not want and will not want a war, we all strive to live in a free and peaceful country – Ukraine. But we had to gather strength, overcome fear and pain and stand up for our state. This grief has helped us to become even more united, benevolent, and merciful. The whole country is fighting for our freedom and sovereignty: from children to the elderly, from men to women, from villagers to IT specialists. We thank everyone who fights for our right to exist as an independent country, everyone who volunteers, who helps with money, who covers events in the media, everyone who does his job – the one he knows best.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine does not allow our company Alteco Group to work fully. Therefore, despite the message to Ukrainians of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with appeals do not stop their business if possible and continue to work under the simplified taxation system, we are forced to temporarily suspend our activities indefinitely. We hope that our victory will be very soon, because the truth is behind us, and the whole world from America to Europe, from Australia to Japan is on our side.

Glory to Ukraine!


Alteco Group Team

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