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12/07/2018 Alteco company held a Smart Workshop on alternative energy for representatives of the pharmaceutical business

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Knowledge and information are always in cost, and up-to-date information, that will help you to save money and earn, cost even more.

On December 7, 2018, at the CITYHOTEL hotel, Alteco company together with the partners of the law firm OMP, held a SMART Workshop on the topic: “Alternative energy. How to make money as efficiently as possible?!”

This event was held for owners and managers of pharmaceutical business enterprises. The CEO of Alteco Alexander Donchevskiy highlighted the most interesting trends in the renewable energy market of Ukraine and the World, spoke about the features of investing in solar power plants, as well as the technical aspects of construction of alternative energy facilities. The main topics of discussion included:

– Energy resources – the gold of the 21st century;

– Actual kinds of alternative energy in Ukraine;

– Examples of projects implementation;

– How to start saving today;

– How to invest wisely and create an autonomous business.

From their part, the partners of the law firm OMP have shared practical knowledge in the field of legal support of business projects in Ukraine, including personal experience in the use of green energy and electric vehicles exploitation.