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Moving the main office of Dragon Capital into LED lighting (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Drg main

Objective: Reducing the lighting cost of company’s offices. Improve the quality of light and the solution’s environmental friendliness.

Solution: In several stages 132 pieces of 30-watt LED Office 30 luminous sources had installed.

Alteco Group functions: Feasibility study estimation, visualization and modeling of lighting at workplaces, supply, installation, warranty.

Result: The cost of electricity payments decreased more than 2 times. The illuminance level increased. Office rooms’ ecology has improved. The need for periodic replacement of lamps has disappeared. The interior design of office rooms has become more modern.

drg room 1drg room 2

drg 1drg 2

view of rooms before (left) and after replacement of luminous sources (right)

dial 1dial 2

for each room are made: visualization and 3D-modeling of illumination

drg vid 1drg vid 2

drg r3 1drg r3 2

1-st stage of luminous sources replacement (2015)

drg ugol 1drg ugol 2

drg vid 3drg vid 4

2-nd stage of luminous sources replacement (2016)

drg rm2 3drg rm2 4

drg r2 1drg r2 2

3-rd stage of luminous sources replacement (2017)