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On-grid solar station 16.2 kW (Baryshevskyi district, Kyiv region, Ukraine)

solar station 2

appearance of the solar station

Task: Implementation of a solar station project for generating energy at a “green” tariff and saving own consumption.

Solution: Installed 60 polycrystalline solar panels JA Solar JAP6-60-270 with a capacity of 16.2 kW and a grid inverter Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M (power 15 kW, with the ability to display online monitoring).

Functions of the Alteco Group company: Calculation of the station’s performance, 3D modeling of the location of solar panels, calculation of shading of PV modules, supply of equipment and fasteners, commissioning of the station, setting up remote monitoring, warranty.

Result: A solar station with a capacity of 16.2 kW was put into operation. When designing the station and calculating generation and shading, special application software was used.The carried out work on 3D-modeling made it possible to optimally “fit” the solar station into the external design, improving the overall aesthetic appearance of the house.Through the efforts of Alteco specialists, it was possible to find the best location for the solar station.One part of the panels is located on the roof of the house and on the roof of the outbuilding.The other part was designed in the form of a visor of an extension to the house, thanks to which it was possible to preserve the vines, which were originally planned to be cut.Additionally, at the request of the Customer, a “fine” tuning of the inverter was carried out to work with a low-quality power grid. The payback period of the project is 6 years.

You can view the work of the station online at the link:

Solar webFronius Solar.web Monitoring

solar station 3solar station 4

solar panels on the roof of the house

solar panelssolar inverter

canopy of PV modules and a network inverter 15 kW

solar visualization 1solar visualization 2

solar visualization 3solar visualization 4

3D modeling of the location of solar modules

baryshevka solar web daybaryshevka solar web month

station generation schedules