e Solar power plant 9.5 kW (Orzesze, Poland)

Solar power plant 9.5 kW (Orzesze, Poland)


Солнечная электростанция 9,5 кВт (Польша) 


Task: Implementation of a solar power plant on the roof of a private house to compensate for its own consumption and the sale of surplus electricity to the grid. Works to be performed on a turnkey basis.



A team of Ukrainian specialists Alteco, together with our office in the Republic of Poland, completed a project of a rooftop solar station at a private facility.

During the implementation of the project, modern equipment was used (Leapton Solar solar modules, Huawei inverter, ballast fastening system).

The ballast structures are equipped with 28 Leapton Solar JAM60S10-340/MR solar modules (PERC, Half-cell, 9BB technologies). The network inverter Huawei SUN2000-8KTL-M0 is installed  a new model of the well-proven Huawei inverters (rated power - 8 kW, 2 MPPT).

The station is connected and registered in the Huawei cloud monitoring.



3D-моделирование СЭС

3D model creation


Functions of the Alteco company:


1) Design.

- The calculation of the solar station generation and 3D modeling with the arrangement of solar panels have been made;

- Based on the constructed 3D model, shadows were calculated and the optimal location of solar modules (slope, azimuth, row spacing) was selected;

- Development of connection schemes, equipment switching.


2) Supply and quality control of equipment and materials.


3) Installation of solar modules, inverter, cable lines.


4) Commissioning of the SPP complex.

- Setting up and commissioning of a SPP;

- Remote monitoring connection.


5) Warranty.

- All equipment has international quality certificates. The work was carried out in accordance with Polish norms and rules.

- Also, our specialists carry out maintenance of the station and timely update of the software.


Result: A solar station with a capacity of 9.5 kW was put into operation. The project was completed in compliance with all European norms and rules, and also meets the requirements of Polish legislation




Анализ затенений

Shadow analysis



Подъем солнечных модулей и крепежа на кровлюУстановка инвертора и электромонтаж

Lifting equipment to the roof, installing an inverter, electrical installation



Монтаж фотомодулей


Солнечная электростанция 9,5 кВт (Польша)


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