e Solar power plant "Kryshtaleve" 200 kW for a recreation center

Solar power plant "Kryshtaleve" 200 kW for a recreation center

Beautiful area - clean air, land and water. Everyone who has been to Zakarpattia, one way or another, felt the healing properties of this land. Switching from the bustle of the city, improving your health and gaining strength is vital in the modern world.

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Recreation center "Kryshtaleve Dzherelo" is the place where air, water and caring staff will give you the opportunity to recuperate and return to life with a new charge of energy.


But if everything around is eco, then the energy should also be from nature. Moreover, if all this significantly saves the cost of paying electricity bills.

Alteco company has implemented another project of a rooftop solar power plant "Kryshtaleve" to compensate for the Customer's own electricity consumption.

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The station was built on the roof of the economic base of the sanatorium building. The power of the solar field reaches 201 kW and will allow generating up to 191 000 kWh of electricity per year.

All the generated energy from the solar station is immediately used by local consumers of the recreation center.

To prevent the flow of electricity into the local power grid, Huawei/ETI automation was used.

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To calculate shading, the exact location of the panels and the optimal option for their switching, a 3D model of the building was created, which became the basis for the design documentation.

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A feature of the station is the uniform distribution of solar panels on the east-south-west sides to reduce the daytime peak of generation and increase the average power of the SPP throughout the day.

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For a slight slope to the north, a system with raising the corner of the panels was used.

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The station has the ability to work according to the “Net metering” system, which in the future will give additional efficiency from the metering of each “green” kilowatt-hour.


Taking into account wind and snow loads on the roof, its area, as well as the schedule of consumers, it was decided to preserve the natural angles of the roof in most of it and use lightweight metal structures made of anodized aluminum.

To seal the penetration points in the roof, a special stud and sealant were used.

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For maximum efficiency of solar panels, all PV modules were selected at the factory from the same batch and sorted by current.

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Taking into account the schedule of energy consumption, the station automation is configured in such a way as to provide the demand for electricity from existing consumers as quickly as possible and at the same time, in the absence of demand for it, to instantly reduce the power of the station to prevent the flow of energy into the external network.

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The main advantage of this type of SPP is a significant reduction of the capital costs of the project. The necessity to obtain technical conditions for joining the DNO, become a licensee, issue a “green” tariff and work as a participant in the electricity market has disappeared. This significantly reduced the project implementation time and cost.

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At the moment, the SPP is configured in such a way as not to affect the external power grid and to produce electricity only for the sanatorium's own needs. With the development of Net metering and Smart Grid systems, the station has the ability to integrate into an external monitoring system (SCADA systems), control via Modbus TCP, IEC 103/104 protocols and work under the control of a single dispatch center.

Project details:

  • SPP rated power - 200.88 kW
  • Solar station type - grid, with limited flow to the external grid
  • Solar panel technology - 540W, Mono-Si, MBB, Half-Cell, PERC
  • Steel structure type - static, anodized aluminum
  • Inverter Equipment - HUAWEI SUN 2000-50KTL and SUN 2000-100KTL
  • Nominal operating temperature range - -25°C ... +60°C
  • Power factor at full load SPP - cos φ ≥ 0.99
  • Estimated generation of SPP - 191 162 kWh per year
  • Average degradation of solar modules - 0.55% per year
  • Object status - put into operation

Functions of Alteco company:

  • Pre-design analysis
  • General contract for the construction of a solar station, including:
    • Design work
    • Supply of equipment and materials
    • Construction and installation works
    • Commissioning works
    • Remote monitoring
    • Service and warranty support
Our team of specialists is professional in improving your energy security and energy efficiency. We also implement modern and technologically advanced renewable energy projects that will bring you a stable income.
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