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Battery Challenger EV12-55 (12V, 55Ah)


The Challenger EV12-55 battery is a maintenance-free AGM lead-acid (VRLA) battery for high loads. The EV12 series is designed for mobile scooters, electric wheelchairs, buggies, alternative energy applications, etc.

The EV (Electric Vehicle) series is specially designed for frequent deep cycling. The batteries use a specially designed active substance and reinforced plates, which allows the EV series batteries to provide reliable performance under high load conditions and more than 300 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. Meets IEC, BS, Eurobat, JIS standards. Manufactured by Ritar, China. Service life – 12 years.

Areas of use

Electric wheelchairs ;
– Electric bicycles;
Scooters, buggies ;
Telecommunications and electrical equipment;
– Computer-aided production systems and control devices
– Security and fire protection systems;
– Various telemetric equipment;
– Alarm;

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Rated capacity




Height with pins


Work resource


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