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Battery SIAP PzS 6 APH 480 (2V-480A)


Battery SIAP 6 APH 480 type PzS – serviceable lead-acid battery. In the production of 2-volt traction batteries, "SIAP" uses only high quality materials, which ensures an exceptionally high number of charge-discharge cycles (the number of cycles is 1500) in deep discharge modes.

They are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, and in accordance with international DIN standards, fully and efficiently meet your energy needs in a cost-effective manner.

Their optimal design, the use of exclusively high-quality raw materials and materials guarantee you reliable and efficient energy solutions.

All this increases the value of the product through high capacity density, performance and durability.

Product Features and Benefits

Increased nominal capacitance of international standards
– Reliable and durable construction
– Low maintenance requirements
– High performance and reliability
– High energy density
– Long life cycle
– High quality raw materials
– Recyclable for reuse


Rated capacity




Height with pins


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