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Battery Challenger G12-200 (12V, 200Ah)


The Challenger G12-200 battery is a maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery of the GEL valve recombination type (VRLA). The G12 series is designed for use in uninterruptible power supplies, security systems, medicine, communication systems, alternative energy, etc.

Challenger G-series gel batteries have an electrolyte inside, which is in a gel-like state. Thanks to the use of special chemical reagents, this technology allows you to extend the life of the battery in cyclic mode (discharge-charge) and improve its physical and chemical properties. Gel technology is of particular interest for renewable energy applications such as solar, wind, and standby power systems where the maintenance-free battery rule is required. Meets IEC, BS, Eurobat, JIS standards. Manufactured by Ritar, China. Service life – 12 years.

Areas of use

– Autonomous solar and wind power plants;

– Uninterruptible power supply systems (SBP);
– Emergency power supply systems in power plants and
– Telecommunications and electrical equipment;
– Dispatch systems;
– Computer-aided production systems and control devices
– Security and fire protection systems;
– Various telemetric equipment;
– Alarm;

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Rated capacity




Height with pins

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