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Battery Ventura VG12-200 (12V, 200Ah)


Battery Ventura VG 12-200 – maintenance-free lead-acid battery valve recombination type GEL (VRLA). Ventura batteries excel as stand-alone or standby power sources in energy, transportation and telecommunications systems.

Due to the high physical and technical characteristics and reasonable price, Ventura batteries are excellent energy storage for autonomous systems based on renewable solar and wind energy sources. The operating experience of these batteries allows us to recommend them in uninterruptible and autonomous power supply systems where the conditions of the premises do not allow the use of serviced batteries. All Ventura battery models are certified to international standards.

Areas of use

– Uninterruptible power supply systems (SBP)

– Autonomous power supply systems based on renewable energy sources

– Emergency power supply systems in power plants and
– Telecommunications and electrical equipment
– Dispatch systems
– Computer-aided production systems and control devices
– Security and fire protection systems
– Various telemetry equipment
– Alarm


Rated capacity




Height with pins

Work resource


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