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Rechargeable battery Trojan 31-GEL (12V, 102Ah)


The Trojan 31-GEL battery is a deep cycling lead acid battery for renewable energy/hybrid/emergency power systems.


Rated capacity




Height with pins

Work resource

Sealed (Gel) lead-acid battery technology.

The essence of the operation of a lead-acid battery is reduced to the transfer of lead sulfate, which covers both plates of the battery in a discharged state, under the influence of a direct electric current into metallic lead on the cathode:

PbSO 4 + 2e \u003d Pb + SO 4 2-

and tetravalent lead oxide on the anode:

PbSO 4 - 2e + 2H 2 O \u003d PbO 2 + 4H + + SO 4 2-

Charging the battery leads to the fact that the initially identical electrodes become chemically different and a potential difference appears between them. If the plates of a charged battery are connected with a conductor, then the reverse process will take place - a discharge, and an electric current will flow through the conductor.


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