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Legal entities when working with the “green” tariff should pay attention to the following information.

“Green” tariff – a special tariff at which electricity is purchased, produced at power facilities that use alternative energy sources. (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Law “On Electric Power Industry” of 16.10.1997 N 575/97-VR).

Important points of the legislation are the provisions that producers of energy from renewable energy sources have the right to:

1. Guaranteed connection to existing energy networks;

2. Guaranteed purchase by energy supply organizations of all energy produced from renewable sources;

3. Invariance of tariffs at which energy is purchased during their validity.

In accordance with the signed Association Agreement with the EU (Article 338, Chapter 1, Section V), Ukraine has undertaken additional commitments on the gradual integration of Ukraine’s electricity system into the European electricity grid, as well as stimulating the production of energy from renewable energy sources.

As of the beginning of 2019, Ukraine has some of the highest rates in Europe for the “green” tariff. The validity of the “green” tariff is enshrined in law until 2030.

Green tariff rates during the commissioning of SPP, without VAT

Type of station

until 31.12.2019

from 01.01.2020to 31.12.2020

from 01.01.2021to 31.12.2021

from 01.01.2022to 31.12.2022

from 01.01.2023to 31.12.2024

from 01.01.2025to 31.12.2029

Rooftop SPP

0,164EUR per kWh

0,123EUR per kWh

0,118EUR per kWh

0,115EUR per kWh

0,110EUR per kWh

0,107EUR per kWh

Ground-mounted SPP

0,15EUR per kWh

0,113EUR per kWh

0,109EUR per kWh

0,105EUR per kWh

0,101EUR per kWh

0,097EUR per kWh