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Working with us, You can be confident and calm that we will do our best to solve your problems.

Below there are our main rules, which we are guiding when providing a guarantee.

Product Warranty

1. Be confident of support.

All products sold through Alteco website are supported directly by the guarantee obligations of the legal entity – Alteco Group, LTD. This means that in case of a failure of any product purchased on the Alteco website, our company will repair or replace it. In our organization there are enough specialists who can perform necessary tests and analysis of the problem as soon as possible. In case of contract deliveries, we can offer extended warranty obligations (discussed individually).

2. We are on Your side.

We want to protect the customer and therefore, while working with product manufacturers and our customers, we are standing on the client’s side as much as possible. All faults and defects caused by manufacturers’ factories, if any, are accepted and must be replaced. In most controversial issues, the decision is made in favor of the client. This does not mean that this could be used in bad faith, but for honest clients we are always open.

3. Eliminate the problem initially.

The best solution to the problem is its understanding and exclusion at the initial stage. Our company has its own technical representatives at the manufacturing plants and it own test laboratories for preliminary products testing. In other words, You get your additional quality control at the stage of goods delivery. This gives You an additional guarantee of a product quality. Also, in case You inform our experts about your task and preliminary data on the operating conditions of a particular product, You have the opportunity to get qualified assistance in choosing the necessary equipment which will operate as long as possible. The better you provide us information about product requirements, the longer it will serve You in the future.

Detailed warranty terms for the products are provided in the passports and warranty sheets.

Guarantee for projects

1. You can count on the task solution.

The main principle of our design solutions is to solve Your problem. The company Alteco Group is principally responsible to realize the tasks of our customers. We cherish the time of any person who contacts us, and we sincerely want to help him. Our mission is valuable and extensive, but it can’t include an infinite number of solutions. Therefore, if we receive a task from You, a standard solution for which we don’t have yet, then we will either develop it for You or tell you, how You can try to solve your task without us.

2. You can count on confidence in the future.

Our team consists of those professionals who like their work. In a view of this, constantly getting experience and improving our knowledge is an axiom for us. All our specialists pass profile courses, seminars and other activities to improve their skills. Be sure that all solutions developed by our specialists will be adequately implemented and serviced in future. All warranty obligations for project solutions are legally mirrored in our contractual agreements.

3. You can count on justice.

We appreciate your time, resources and the initial trust shown to us. We appreciate even more when this happens mutually. When between all people, regardless of their social status and position, respect and justice flourish. We are trying to do for You as good as we would like to do for ourselves. You can always count on normal human openness and help. We are ready to spend our resources, time and energy on solving your problems and we hope that we’ll meet people who appreciate it.

Detailed guarantee terms for design solutions are provided in the project documentation, contracts, passports and warranty sheets.