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Investing in renewable energy projects

Today many people come to the fact that investing in the bank – this is a risky business. Due to the instability of the banking system and the high proportion of fraudulent transactions, the risks are higher than the profit. In addition, the bank rate is gradually decreasing. You can also invest your funds, for example, in real estate or some kind of business. But real estate is falling in price and no longer has that investment attractiveness, and investing in a business is also risky due to the difficult economic situation. But is this all that the Ukrainian economy can now offer to its depositor and investor?

Investing in solar energy

Fortunately, today there are new sectors of the economy that show steady growth even during the crisis and which you can rely on for a long time. Whether it is a private individual, a company or a foreign investor, there are interesting and profitable investment options for everyone.

The best deposit today is a solar power plant, wind farm or energy efficiency project. And there are reasons for this.

The market for alternative energy sources or renewable energy sources (RES) is actively developing all over the world. Many states, having a share of renewable energy sources in their energy balance of 20-30%, are making big plans to increase it. Some countries and large companies have even announced a 100% transition to renewable energy sources. According to the REN21 agency, the total world investment in renewable energy in 2015 reached 285.9 billion USD. From 2010 to 2015, the capacity of wind power plants around the world has grown more than 2 times, and solar power plants more than 5 times!

In Ukraine, processes in this direction are of course less active than in the world, but the demand and interest in renewable energy is increasing every day. Lately we’ve been getting an increasing number of questions, suggestions and ideas from potential investors, companies and individuals related to investments in renewable energy sources. Based on this, we tried to summarize the situation with the renewable energy market in Ukraine and give our proposals.

Why renewable energy sources and energy efficiency?

Investing in renewable energyRenewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency today have an enormous importance for our country. This sector of the economy, according to its speed in the world, is developing at a level with IT technologies. According to the forecasts of many world agencies, by 2025-2030, new energy capacities will be cheaper to build on the basis of solar and wind farms, and in many countries today the price of electricity produced from alternative sources is cheaper than from nuclear, gas or coal power plants.

As for the situation in Ukraine. We generate from solar and wind power plants only about 1% of the total electricity produced in the country, compared to European countries, where it is 30%, and in many more than 50% of the total.We have the highest energy consumption per unit of manufactured products among European countries and even higher than in Russia and Belarus.

For example, in some energy efficiency projects, by insulating a building, reconstructing the heating, ventilation and lighting systems, utility bills are reduced by 2-3 times! By the way, we have carried out enough negotiations with foreign investors. And many of them say that the only thing holding them back is the political situation in the country. The potential of these directions in Ukraine is huge and investment in these areas will certainly bring a good profit to the investor.

What do you get?

It sounds good, but let’s see what you will have in practice by investing in renewable energy:

Investing in energy1. Good business validity.

The renewable energy market worldwide has the potential for growth for at least 20 years ahead. Considering that Ukraine is located on the margins of this market, you do not need to have an academic degree to predict the real excitement of investors in this area. And of course the most interesting and profitable projects will go to those who are the first to enter this market.

2. A clear idea of where your funds will be directed.

This, for example, is not the development of the market for alcohol, cigarettes, advertising or other, let’s say, not the most necessary industry for society. You clearly understand where your money works and what kind of social benefit it produces.

3. Guarantee of return on investment.

The bank may go bankrupt, the company’s shares may fall in value, and the monetary unit may devalue. For example, in the case of installing a wind generator, the service life reaches 20 years, solar panels work for more than 25 years, and the product itself is electricity – a living, real product that cannot be unnecessary. The demand for electricity is growing all over the world, with the development of the electricity market in Ukraine, it will be possible to sell it, for example, to Germany or Italy.In fact, it is an autonomous business, the product of which is always in demand.

The main guarantee of return on investment in Ukraine is the existence of a “green tariff”, according to which hundreds of our citizens and dozens of companies are already paid for the generated electricity.

4. Environmental friendliness and morality of your decision.

Your funds not only bring you constant income, but are an important tool in another matter. With this decision, you perform an important human function on Earth – to be in harmony with nature and with yourself. Believe me, in 10-20 years, the desire to just drink clean water or breathe fresh air will not be so easy. These projects in many countries are a priority for a reason. Solar and wind power plants really protect the environment, and internal moral satisfaction from an act done often gives a lot of vitality.

5.Technical and legal support.

The specialists of the Alteco Group company understand the field of renewable energy certainly better than bank analysts. Based on your financial capabilities and personal wishes, we will select for you the most interesting projects, investment options and provide a full range of services to support such transactions. The experience we have gained in this area allows us to provide you with high-quality projects and jointly develop an optimal scheme of actions.

What do we offer?

InvestingToday we can offer the following options:

For residents of Ukraine

Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects through our company, partner funds or equity participation in the project. Interest payment monthly or at the end of the year. Return on investment from 7 to 17% per annum in US dollars.

For non-residents of Ukraine

Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects through foreign partner funds or directly through project co-financing. Interest payment monthly or at the end of the year. Yield from 5 to 15% per annum in US dollars.

Through inefficient use of energy a huge amount of currency is washed out of our country. The development of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency will definitely improve the economic situation of the country and each citizen individually. We are sure that it is a time for us to decide for ourselves where our funds should work.

For investorsAll your ideas, questions and suggestions for investing in renewable energy projects are accepted by e-mail: