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Design of LED lighting systems

Fast payback with professional design

New light sources based on LED technologies are becoming more technically complex and at the same time more efficient. Finding a balance between the cost of equipment and the end result, getting the fastest payback period for LED lighting, can only a profile specialist with sufficient work experience.

Alteco company designs LED lighting systems and calculates lighting equipment based on computer 3D modeling.

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Using the services of our specialists, you get the best result, including:

  • taking into account all the features of the object (technical requirements of the customer);
  • selection of the most efficient LED lamps, taking into account the price / quality of the product;
  • the shortest payback period for the project.

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The best option for a particular task

Modern industrial production is putting on the market more and more new lighting devices based on the up-to-date light-emitting diodes, which not so long ago were obtained only in laboratory conditions. The LED lighting market is steadily saturated with novelties from the best world and CIS manufacturers. Each new product has a number of its own special advantages, which can give a good economic and light effect only if it is used correctly.

Specialists of Alteco Group company always monitor the latest developments of LED manufacturers, take into account the operating experience of previous facilities and offer the best option for you.

Design benefits

With all the advantages of LED lighting, its only drawback so far is a higher price compared to traditional light sources. The higher price of the equipment always requires a more careful approach to the use of funds for its purchase. LED lighting design – is a necessary component of a successful investment, and their subsequent return.

For a real payback of LED lighting, it is necessary:

  • use for specific conditions reliable LED lamps that can withstand the declared service life;
  • find the best price / quality ratio of the final solution.

We use modern methods of approach to lighting, which eventually – will really save your money.

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