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Energy audit

What is it?

Energo audit 1Energy audit is a set of measures to analyze the efficiency of the use of fuel and energy resources by a business entity and the development of effective measures to reduce the cost of their consumption.

In other words, energy audit allows you to find out how efficiently a manufacturing enterprise or a residential building uses energy resources and where are the hidden opportunities for their savings.

Energo audit 2

Also, an energy audit identifies possible solutions to improve energy efficiency with an economic justification for each such decision, that is, how much we need to invest in a particular event, how much we will save and when will it pay off.

What does it usually consist of?

1.Scan and analysis.

Energo audit 3They allow you to understand what is happening with the efficiency of energy use and provide answers to the main questions:

  • Where and for what reason does an ineffective energy consumption or an unjustified loss of energy occur at the facility?
  • What are the indicators of the energy efficiency of the enterprise / building?
  • What is the potential for energy saving and energy efficiency?

This analysis is carried out using special measuring instruments.

2.Development of solutions.

Energo audit 5At this stage, solutions are being developed to optimize energy costs and improve energy efficiency, taking into account the global economic and technological trends. The cost of each option is estimated.

3.Action plan.

Energo audit 6

Sets priorities in order of steps. Arguments a specific decision on the subject of economic feasibility and payback. Provides a feasibility study for each solution option for finding a source of funding (for banks, funds and other financial institutions).