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Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are new technologies working on the energy market (in our case, the electricity market). Besides energy accumulation, energy storage systems are also used for balancing energy consuming and generating capacities, both local (private/commercial) and state-owned electric networks.

The most interesting energy storage systems when working with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind farms, as these energy sources cannot provide stable generation and require balancing capacities in their work.

Energy Storage Systems

The main technical problem restraining the development of renewable energy (solar, wind) is unstable generation, which imposes certain difficulties on the consumption of this energy. The peculiarity of the generated electricity is that it is a product that should be consumed at the time of its production. Accordingly, if the consumer does not need this electricity at the moment, then it is necessary to either stop production as soon as possible (instantly) or temporarily store this electricity somewhere.

The introduction of fines for imbalances in the energy system, when the forecast of production does not correspond to the real output, also stimulates the implementation of energy storage systems (ESS) and the controlling system, which allows more flexible organization of generating capacities of solar power plants (alternative energy facilities).
The choice of possible working scenarios of the system (system functionality) depends on the specific task.

Alteco provides a full range of services for the implementation of energy storage systems (ESS) for solar power plants and other facilities. Our experts can analyze the existing problem and offer the best solution.

A range of Energy Storage / ESS construction services includes:

  • analysis and audit of an existing or future energy facility;
  • development of the concept and technological scheme of equipment operation;
  • development of a solution for connecting Energy Storage System to electric networks;
  • project design work, ordering and delivery of all components of the energy storage system;
  • construction and installation work, system configuration and testing before operation;
  • training of responsible personnel in working with the energy storage system, preparation of documentation for the system operator;
  • warranty and after-sales service of ESS systems.

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