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Rooftop solar power plant to compensate for own consumption

SPP for own consumption is a special type of a non-storage solar installation that directs all the generated energy for consumption in real time.

kryshnaya solnechnaya elektrostanciya 200kvt

This type of SPP, without a “green” tariff, is based on the ability of the equipment to operate without interaction with the external power grid of the country. In this case, the inverter equipment is equipped with special automation, which does not allow the flow of generated electricity from the SPP to the external power grid. Accordingly, there is no legal and technical basis for registration of such equipment in NKREKP, TSO (Ukrenergo) and DSO (Oblenergo).

When installing a solar station for its own consumption, the business saves money and time related to the preparation of a large package of documentation for licensing and connection to DSO networks.

Schematic diagram of a solar power plant

principialnaya sxema raboty solnechnoj elektrostancii

Example of an electricity compensation schedule
grafik kompensacii elektroenergii


Enjoy the comfort of your equipment operation from a smartphone from anywhere in the world.


panel upravleniya ses

You don’t have to worry about the work of the SPP. For specialists there is an extensive access to the equipment settings. Based on the situation in our own production and insolation, it is possible to achieve the maximum effect from the Sun.

spp controlling


The use of modern, lightweight aluminum structures allows you to work on all types of roofs. On flat roofs, ballast systems can be used without penetration into the roof covering to ensure tightness. A guarantee for metal structures up to 25 years is achieved by using special metal alloys and coatings.

Solar fastenings Solar fastenings

Solar fastenings Solar fastenings

Reliably and durably

Tier 1 solar panels give long life confidence in a long service life with minimal effect of panel degradation. For inverter equipment, the warranty can be extended up to 25 years.

minimal effect of panel degradation


Our specialists have all the necessary licenses, permits and certificates to perform work in accordance with EU standards.

rooftop solar plant

To obtain a stable effect of your investments, we carry out turnkey works, including:

  • Audit of the electrical facilities of the enterprise. Analysis of load graphs and potential for replacement.
  • 3-d modeling of equipment placement and calculation of generation in software packages AutoCAD, SketchUP, PVsyst, PVGIS, HelioScope, etc.
  • Calculation of snow and wind loads on the roof, analysis of the supporting structures of buildings for additional loads.
  • Design of all sections of SPP for possible licensing in the future.
  • Development of technical specifications, support for the supply of equipment and materials from well-known world brands with the support of an official guarantee.
  • High-quality installation and work control to prevent roof leaks.
  • Start-up and adjustment of equipment by certified specialists.
  • On-line monitoring and support of the station operation for 5 years for maximum annual generation.

These measures allow you to achieve generation growth up to + 10 … 20% per year

SPP Yield calculationSPP Yield calculation

Financing for your business

finansirovanieAlteco Group, being an accredited EPC contractor, provides consulting in attracting bank financing under the programs: project financing, leasing or targeted loan.

Our specialists can prepare a business plan and a financial model of the project. All equipment can act as a pledge for the payback period of SPP.

We cooperate with the following banks of Ukraine:



Project implementation period


The SPP project implementation period will be completed within 1 to 4 months. The exact date will depend on the final design decisions.

SPP service life and operation

texThe service life of solar panels is unlimited. Degradation of silicon wafers occurs at a rate of no more than 0.5-0.6% per year of the nominal power of the panel.

The service life of inverters is 20-25 years. The service life of the metal structures of the solar panel fastenings is 25 years. All solar stations are equipped with remote monitoring, which allows to keep records online via the Internet.


garThe guarantee for the main equipment is (in the case of a turnkey project):

  • solar panels and panel fastenings – 12 years;
  • inverter equipment – 5 years;
  • for installation work and the rest of SPP – 5 years.

Additional benefits of project implementation:

  • Increasing the profitability of your business;
  • Improving the environmental friendliness of your business (reducing CO2 emissions);
  • The future option of autonomy from external networks (retrofitting SPP with batteries).

Send your preliminary request for SPP calculation on e-mail: